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Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine

About us

Our restaurant was born out of a culmination of Chef Walid’s love of fine foods and to mark our restaurant’s place in history by providing a blend of the finest recipes developed from Mid-European and Lebanese dishes. Chef Walid dreamt of opening his own restaurant after 20 years developing his own delicious recipes for other fine dining establishments.

Finally after finding the right location, he established Harissa Mediterranean Cuisine and has delighted many guests and friends with his recipes and unique and flavorful spices. All of our foods are garden fresh and hand selected. The meats are made up of the finest cuts of Beef, Lamb, and Chicken as well as fresh-sourced Seafood such as Prawns, Scallops and Salmon (in season). Once you've had a chance to experience our delicious lunch or dinner entrees, we know your taste buds will be delighted and will want to return. Now the story of Harissa, Lebanon... Harissa is a mountain village in Lebanon. The village, which is located 650 meters above sea level, is home to an important Lebanese pilgrimage site, Our Lady of Lebanon. The village is located 20 km north of Beirut, and accessible from the coastal city of Jounieh either by road or by a nine-minute journey by a gondola lift, known as the "Teleferique". It attracts both pilgrims and tourists who want to enjoy views of the bay of Jounieh. The pilgrimage site is a huge 15-ton bronze (and painted white) statue of Virgin Mary, known as Our Lady of Lebanon or Notre Dame du Liban, with her arms outstretched. The statue was made at the end of the 19th century and inaugurated in 1908. Inside the statue's base there is a small chapel. A huge modernistic Maronite cathedral built of concrete and glass stands right beside the statue. Among other churches of various denominations, it is worth mentioning the Byzantine-style, Melkite Greek Catholic basilica of St. Paul, located south of the statue and built between 1948 and 1998. The Apostolic Nunciature (Papal Embassy), as well as the residences of four patriarchs of Eastern Catholic Churches, are in the vicinity of Harissa and Our Lady of Lebanon. On May 10, 1997, Pope John Paul II visited Harissa.

Chef Walid Al-Abtan

Chef Walid Al-Abtan was born to cook and prepare foods. Being the oldest son in his family, he learned to take on many responsibilities at a young age, including the preparation of meals for himself and his siblings while his parents worked long hours. During the last 20 years, Chef Walid has worked in every part of the restaurant business and served as Executive Chef at several restaurants before opening his own establishment.

In planning for the opening of Harissa, he wanted to make sure he could continually upgrade the quality and image of Mid-European and Mid-East cuisine. Ever the perfectionist, he has finally created a menu of delicious entrees that are designed to delight even the most discerning tastes. Never to sacrifice quality, Chef Walid always hand selects the finest garden fresh vegetables and spices to accompany the fresh meats, poultry and fresh seafood available on the market. Due to popular demand, Chef Walid has introduced two of his most sought after sauces and spreads, his Eggplant Salad spread and Lebanese Tomato-Walnut Salsa. They are now available at select local grocers.

Chef Walid Al-Abtan